Faculties of Mechanical Engineering

Image Name Designation Mobile Email Remarks
SK LAL MOHAMMAD Lecturer 9434482455 mbciengg@rediffmail.com Secretary, Academic Council.
SUMAN MAJUMDER Lecturer 9830045023 mbciengg@rediffmail.com Head of the Department & Training and Placement Officer
SUVENDU MIDDYA Lecturer 7501300964 er.suvendu89@gmail.com Joining in this Institute on 20th August 2019.
SOUMITRA DANA Workshop Instructor-Fitting 9474449811 soumitra1962@gmail.com
RAMKRISHNA MONDAL Workshop Instructor 9434474186 mbcrkm@rediffmail.com
DEBASIS MAJUMDAR Workshop Instructor mbcdm@rediffmail.com
SANTANU BHUNIA Workshop Instructor 8389955583 bhunia986@gmail.com
ALOKE PAL Workshop Instructor 9614387256 mbciengg@rediffmail.com